each cut leaves a mark

an impressive moniker for gangsters
a rite of passage for roughnecks
and trainee chefs
happy hour retirees toast
knee surgeries and hip replacements
athletes swap boasts of past glory
those of us with mental scars
freak is about the kindest thing I’ve heard

For d’Verse poetry pub prompt


36 thoughts on “each cut leaves a mark

  1. Never been a gangster or a trainee chef, and no hip or knee replacements yet but, oh yes, I have been called a freak on more than one occasion and now, as David Crosby once said, ‘I’m letting my freak flag fly’.


  2. From smiling at the image of the trainee chef’s scar (I see bobbling with a knife…or trying for the first time to chop the way the professionals do — so fast) to smiling again at the retiree’s toast (here I think of when my mom and dad toasted once — when they were quite old — and in their enthusiasm hit the glasses too hard) to the sobering ending — the juxtapositioning is so well done.

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  3. Powerful words Brian…and full of a truth that only comes from experience. So many invisible scars in so many people and so little invitation to ‘open’ up and show them in general…but in my experience it is a very profound thing when we can and do.


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