a tribute to Rumi #15

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I wrote a number of poems in tribute to his longing for the Beloved. This poem was my first attempt at Rumi-esque style. I wrote it years ago while waiting to be called in to do a stress test for my heart. Nothing was found, just work and life. The poem is rather overwrought but I am fond of it nevertheless. If you would like to read the other fourteen poems in the series click here for the category list.

“Fear, Unknown”

Whorls on your palm
Swirling galaxies,
Lines of demarcation leading to

Can you see?

The faint blue highways;
commerce bustling, all with
An all-night dinner.

Each cell that was
Understands what to do.


They just know!

Look at your palm
See how it holds your fingers
from escaping into the

Of a time, they flee
Straining against unjust
Longing for a life.

A life far away from mortal cares.

Look at your thumb, proud
That word meaty.
What does it mean?

Should we care?

Jutting upright, arrogant
Over the offending digits
It’s territory, the expanse
of taut skin.
Taxing the traffic, on the
Blue Highways.

Look at your wrist
Forgotten, alone.
Merely a junction between
Form and

Whorls on your palm
Frozen for the eternity that is

Live it Well.


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