shouldn’t he be retired?

it’s maddening!
I say
they buy in stores
and online
yet all year long
they waste my time
letters and pleas
I need this right now
or I’ll die!
here’s a thought
to all you greedy
lay off your thumbs
get off your ass
it’s called outside
for a reason
for those with cash
this season
non-sequential bills
are preferred
for tax free
trumps accountants
time to turn the
whole mess over
to Amazon Prime
and a fleet of drones
cause they don’t poop
you think elves muck the stables?

First usage in 1822. 1: tending to craze. 2 a: tending to infuriate b: tending to vex. ORIGIN Old English gemǣd(e)d ‘maddened,’ participial form related to gemād ‘mad,’ of Germanic origin.


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