sinus drip

scent rises from swamp
piling high replacement muck
circling moving vans

The Daily Post prompt


chirping is thirsty work

In the area of Florida where I live, the American Robins have returned from further south on the peninsula. They gather in flocks of hundreds, sometimes thousands and move north as the weather warms. In the early morning and late afternoon one such flock drinks at our birdbath. Most years they roost for a day, this year, they’ve been here three already.

Source: All About Birds.

each dawn clear or clouds
orange breasts purpose puffed
slaking thirst rotated turns
open-beaked territorial chirps
even spaced along bath rim
water splashed everywhere
at sixes and sevens of the clock
when they leave to feed
cardinals doves and jays
drink in peaceful quiet

The d’Verse Quadrille prompt

not something you see very often

everything has to have a meaning
even a cheery color such as yellow
is written off for being too sunny
or happy
or lighthearted
the shade of tart citrus
and tropical parrots
people will choose white
or eggshell
egads even taupe before
admitting a fondness
for bright tones
it’s so bland
no mystery or passion
no soul moving shade
that sparks emotions
it’s just warm
and sits there
in your kitchen
or bathroom
being all friendly
and sweet


The Daily Post prompt

monuments fossilized by the past

Lavender Roaring Fork Clinchfield was ten when he realized that water, like kindness, shouldn’t be taken for granted. The devastation of drought was only eclipsed by the scandalous town council’s behavior. Without oversight, a unanimous vote allowed Lucky Brewery to exceed allocated withdrawals from the communal reservoir. Ostensibly owned by the rotund Fortuna Gypsum, through a devious series of blind trusts, the brewery was a taxpayer-funded laundry where money was washed clean by hops. The parched crops withered and the soil subsided. Poetic justice perhaps when, with a loud burp that rattled windows, Lucky Brewery was swallowed by a sinkhole.

The Daily Post prompt
Three Word Wednesday prompt

Authors note: This link Iron Hollows Fiction goes to the “Iron Hollows” category of 100-drabble fiction segments or click each drabble link below. They are not serially linked but rather vignettes set in and around the fictional town of Iron Hollows.

Dramatis Personae:
Lavender Roaring Fork Clinchfield: True scion of the South: notable for his fashion plate and bachelorhood.
Chromium: An American Blue Gascon fond of sniffing the ladies.
Miss Forsythia and Miss Hydrangea: Perky and together in that way.
Troubadour Peppermint: Deceased founder and savvy huckster.
Harmonious Intent: Deceased rival to Troubadour, prolific and fertile bigamist.
Sanctimonious Poppermince: Direct male descendant of Troubadour, current mayor and a disappointment.
Generous Tupelo: A woman with eyes for fun and a body for sin.

“the legend of the time before”
“along the non-existent waterfront”
“gunpowder explodes, fireworks delight”
“clouds play peek-a-boo with moon”
“homemade gravy for the grits”
“unsuccessful sultry spring seduction”
“where there is snow there are complaints”
“thankfully the tavern had stocked up”
“air as crisp as a grilled McIntosh”
“auction night to fill the food pantry”
“discontent brews in men’s souls”
“boogie to classic carols”
“sometimes surrender is inevitable”
“misty smells gather in the valley”
“a collector of all things rare”
“pass the salt please”