misty smells gather in the valley

Chromium, an American Blue Gascon of impeccable lineage, was an incorrigible scoundrel. In the finest traditions of southern hospitality, he was a free-range hound. His gaping maw howled mournfully whenever victuals were available to be mooched. Invariably, the first stop every morning, after crossing the dry wash of the migrated Gumtee River, was Jiggle Bunny’s Bakery, where the ample proprietress tempted him with a fresh bacon spinach brioche. A few discrete sniffs later, he padded to Farbrisher’s Emporium for a rendezvous with the never hateful Miss Forsythia. Alas for adoration unrequited: she belonged to another; rare steak and eggs compensated.

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Authors note: This link Iron Hollows Fiction goes to the “Iron Hollows” category of 100-drabble fiction segments or click each drabble link below. They are not serially linked but rather vignettes set in and around the fictional town of Iron Hollows.

Dramatis Personae:
Lavender Roaring Fork Clinchfield. True scion of the South: notable for his fashion plate and bachelorhood.
Chromium. An American Blue Gascon fond of sniffing the ladies.
Miss Forsythia and Miss Hydrangea. Perky and together in that way.
Troubadour Peppermint. Deceased founder and savvy huckster.
Sanctimonious Poppermince. Direct male descendant, current mayor and a disappointment.
Generous Tupelo. A woman with eyes for fun and a body for sin.

“the legend of the time before”
“along the non-existent waterfront”
“gunpowder explodes, fireworks delight”
“clouds play peek-a-boo with moon”
“homemade gravy for the grits”
“unsuccessful sultry spring seduction”
“where there is snow there are complaints”
“thankfully the tavern had stocked up”
“air as crisp as a grilled McIntosh”
“auction night to fill the food pantry”
“discontent brews in men’s souls”
“boogie to classic carols”
“sometimes surrender is inevitable”

11 thoughts on “misty smells gather in the valley

  1. This is Marvelous, Brian!!! I love the southern voice of this…and I have had numerous huntin’ hounds. Particular to those beasts. Right now I have a German Shorthaired Pointer….with a bay that will wake the dead!

    Also, this 100 word fiction, excellently written…reminds me of my old (now long deceased) Collie Husky, Daphne. She would travel the neighborhood, scratching at the back door of neighbors who gave her a ham and biscuit or two, and down the street for some gravy. She must have had a Timex on her wrist, because old Ms. Brown said she appeared every morning at 10am. Like clock work. We never figured out how she got out of the fence, but she did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jane, this is the 13th drabble in the “Iron Hollows” series. It is the only one thus far that does not begin with and feature Lavender Roaring Fork Clinchfield. I thought Chromium deserved a chance to howl at the moon.


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