it never comes the way you expect it

I wrote the short story “Maybe someday” back in 2006. This is not my post today, but if you’re bored and need to something to read, it does fit the prompt.

I want to write about our propensity to remain mired in the past or to peer oracle-like into the future rather than being grounded in the present. Every religion and spiritual practice mentions mindfulness to the present as a key to happiness and understanding of self.

it’s the fantasies that keep me going
as a kid, dreamed about being a fireman
or an astronaut, a hero with a ticker
tape parade, though I can’t recall ever
wishing to become a famous retail clerk
I suppose that someday, acceptance
of present circumstances will happen,
but isn’t that against our nature,
we’re told, don’t quit, get back up,
keep fighting and scratching, claw
at the opaque ceiling until you fulfill
your dreams someday and when it all
happens, will you, or I or them be happy,
will the very act of reaching the rarefied
pinnacle of success leave you/me/us
flat, wondering what the fuss was all
about that drove our needed obsession

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2 thoughts on “it never comes the way you expect it

  1. Everything in life somehow looks to have two answers… And this confuses a lots.

    Love and trust if your love is true and real it will come back.
    If it does not believe it was not yours. What the fuck is this… When I loved I loved deep and from heart and now when she is gone I can’t let go so am I wrong… I believe if my love was true it will be mine.. Confused what to do and here no one answers. 😂

    Same thing what you pointed with life and past… If we have dreams we need to chase them and many says don’t stay in past but was that dream not seen thought in past.


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