diplomacy shall be tweeted

slithers destructively, long
after echoes fade, a comet’s tail
seared by innuendo and speculation,
stark vacuum, former friendships,
a faint whisper of condemnation,
enough to capsize years of robust
relations, guerilla cyber warfare
for hearts and minds, live broadcasts
from local high school hallways

Quadrille prompt for d’Verse. Whisper: ORIGIN Old English ‘hwisprian’, of Germanic origin; related to German ‘wispeln’, from the imitative base of whistle.


35 thoughts on “diplomacy shall be tweeted

  1. I am dismayed by the number of friends of mine on social media who are currently unfriending folk because they disagree with their views. The divisions are becoming more and more stark in our society and fueled in no small part by the likes of twitter. Strong words as always Brian.


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