chirping is thirsty work

In the area of Florida where I live, the American Robins have returned from further south on the peninsula. They gather in flocks of hundreds, sometimes thousands and move north as the weather warms. In the early morning and late afternoon one such flock drinks at our birdbath. Most years they roost for a day, this year, they’ve been here three already.

Source: All About Birds.

each dawn clear or clouds
orange breasts purpose puffed
slaking thirst rotated turns
open-beaked territorial chirps
even spaced along bath rim
water splashed everywhere
at sixes and sevens of the clock
when they leave to feed
cardinals doves and jays
drink in peaceful quiet

The d’Verse Quadrille prompt


16 thoughts on “chirping is thirsty work

  1. Such gorgeous, vivid imagery. They must look amazing. I’m surprised they appear so different from my two UK robins, which live almost permanently on my fence and in the space under my maple tree.


  2. Thanks everyone, I know I usually respond individually, but my wife had some minor surgery this morning and have spent the afternoon caring for her.
    The robins are still here, I filled the birdbath four times today. They are chirping up a storm right now as they settle in for the evening to sleep. It is very interesting to watch them sort out the hierarchy as to who drinks first. It seems the biggest and oldest go first and the young go last.


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