7 thoughts on “listen with infinite gaze

  1. sounds like observant camping! I am glad I was able to get to your site, Brian. 5 hours with Geek Squad this weekend left me in doubt that I would be able to get anywhere on the internet! I like to read other poet’s work, and it frustrates me greatly when I am hampered by computer problems. GS is really a toss of the dice. It depends who is driving the car. After 4 different Geeks, I finally got someone who fixed somethings. Will be back here soon. Thanks for liking my Haibun: Birthday Party. Don’t know if I will link to dverse this afternoon, as they never let out the prompt before time. Ugh!

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      • Nope. Not even two years old yet. I was visited by a “Microsoft Tech Support Team” a while ago….and they weren’t. They were these scam artists from India…who have cost Americans (especially the elderly) millions of dollars. When I realized what they had done….it took me more $$ to repair. They come back with a vengeance…hoping to get more , but I’m smarter this time. And they curse and threaten death. LOL! Nice people from Mumbai.


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