layers of history

house built in 1910
posting inn
across the street
blocks away from
Indian mounds
saw moccasin foot
exiting from basement
another summer afternoon
resting in bedroom
family voices drift
up servants staircase
footsteps ghosting
stop at my door
paralyzed call out
who’s there

The d’Verse prompt this week is ghost. These are true stories that happened to me when I was in my early teens. There were at least two ghosts in our house, but as far as I know, I was the only one to see and hear them.


19 thoughts on “layers of history

  1. I totally get this. I am, to my knowledge, one of three in my family who has had this experience. Although my experiences are a bit weird, and rather frightening: I don’t see ghosts, except in some very vague manner (except one), but instead experience the powerful phenomenon of people who become ghosts within days, or even minutes of what I see. It’s rare, thank goodness; I don’t like it at all. The last time was the detailed death of a child. I only found out about the accident the following afternoon. The details were correct – right road, right people, clothing, car that caused the accident. Shook me up for quite a while. I hope a similar experience never happens again, but I imagine it will.


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