a tribute to Rumi #17

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I write poems in the style of his longing for the Beloved. If you would like to read the other sixteen poems in the series click here for the category list, and scroll down.

“Snow capped mountains shrink under sun’s glare”

the facts are not in doubt
adjudication moves with typical
torpidity like glaciers in the
high peaks it grinds away
precedent to gravel and dust
that day the fruit was splendid
waxed and polished seductively winked
sliced samples artfully displayed
for discrete tasting of flesh
the purchaser acknowledges
selected each bagged and
transported promptly yet
like so many men’s souls
when cracked under pressure
every center was rotten
infested with vermin and worms
caveat emptor
a lesson hammered home by
tramping legions of eagles
does your pulse not quicken to
sense the Beloved in every
sinuous and sensual curve of
ripe mouthwatering produce
can we not marvel at perfection
of form and function yet still
curse the failure of human
cultivation of honesty
that lesson we never seem to learn
hide the vice within and loudly
proclaim devotion to the heavens

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