My favorite poems I’ve written

All my tribute poems to Rumi are here
“The 21st Century”
“The Land of Sorrows”
“What does great jazz sound like?”
“Like a Snowflake in a Margarita…”
“Because I have a vagina…”
“The kiln is always hungry”
“Laid to rest under Patterson’s needle”
“Girl: Phone: History, there of”
“Tis the Season”
“Strewn acorns gnaw into spine”
“Here [lies] an original man”
“Cracked Concrete and Callouses”
“The Middle Passage remains a stain upon the waters”
“The Futurists got it all wrong”
“over the Thames to link millenniums”
“Hanging by a thread”
“Caught in a Life not of her making”
“fade to black”
“in the garden of my mind”
“when in the autumn of desire”
“time cannot erase love”
“each cut leaves a mark”
“Our Seasons”
“Seeking divine intervention”
“a lasting memorial”
“no artificial sweeteners”


One thought on “My favorite poems I’ve written

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