drinking strangers

face only exists
if all agree cups are full
cooling tea still green


a tribute to Rumi #18

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I write poems in the style of his longing for the Beloved. If you would like to read the other seventeen poems in the series click here for the category list, and scroll down.

“Why does the Beloved turn us inside out?”

my heart frozen by her glance
I retreat to pray

a shutter bangs
halo of candlelight licks wrinkled seams

fatigue and fear etched by wind
grit sparkles in coarse beard

deep desert merciless
no matter how seasoned
flash flood sweeps both camels and men to the afterlife
but soon

when sand drinks as a thirsty beggar
the Beloved displays compassion and love
vast carpets bloom
more colorful and ornate
than the most skilled weaver looms

retiring sun embraces devout
robes of persimmon and blood
violets and lemons

diamond stars on ebony velvet
bring killing frost