if the storage fits

there was nothing scarier than the woods at night
so they chopped the trees down for fuel and cottages
with minimal forethought abandoned farms to huddle
acceptance of less privacy for convenience and safety
in fact was a symptom of a cunning plot of compliance
only a few not gulled by spoke person’s babyish innocence
shunned as survivalists living off the grid and roots
espoused self-reliance and eschewed politics as usual

The Daily Post prompt
Three Word Wednesday prompt

jaded hypocrisy

in Hearst’s day every
paper directional slant
part and parcel with
edited power agenda to
conquer public opinion
and foster deregulation
allowing business to
flourish richly like a
rosebud in manure
every pie apportioned
per quid pro quo
only controversy
when public servant
bucked tradition
and stood for the
common working man
a label dismissed as
anarchist then communist
standing in the way
of progress and wealth
was/as/always un-American

Controversy: ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin controversia, from controversus ‘turned against, disputed,’ from contro- (variant of contra- ‘against’) + versus, past participle of vertere ‘to turn.’

Conquer: ORIGIN Middle English (also in the general sense ‘acquire, attain’): from Old French conquerre, based on Latin conquirere ‘gain, win,’ from con- (expressing completion) + quaerere ‘seek.’

Label: ORIGIN Middle English (denoting a narrow strip or band): from Old French, ‘ribbon,’ probably of Germanic origin and related to lap1.