time cannot erase love

I wake – reach for you
mind dreams insist you were there
covers cold as death
hot tea steeps – steam curls question
plump for winter – chickadee

A response to an essay about Ono no Komachi on Lady Nyo’s blog. I have always enjoyed leaving poems as comments. I believe poetry should be a staring point of discussion not the ending as a stiff sculpture in a museum. I want to know what other poets are feeling when they write poems. The connection is what drives my work. I have not written much recently because I have been immersed in fiction. I discovered that I can write fiction when I am doing mostly poetry but not the other way around.


air as crisp as a grilled McIntosh

Lavender Roaring Fork Clinchfield’s vibrant tangerine and cream ensemble caused some to turn their backs. A quintessential man of the people he had time for everyone, although small town conversations were similar to prickly heat: you endured with gritted teeth. Chromium’s philosophy was simpler: food trumped all. Iron Hollows lay equidistant to all the great bastions of fanatic southern football powers. Only the most rabid would ignore his ecumenical weekly rotation of spirit outfits. They were normally the ones who ranted about faded nostalgic glory. The Tupelo Cemetery was filled with headstones of contrary evidence. Smoke rose above the ridgeline.

The Daily Post prompt
Three Word Wednesday prompt

Authors note: This link Iron Hollows Fiction goes to the “Iron Hollows” category of 100-drabble fiction segments or click each drabble link below. They are not serially linked but rather vignettes set in and around the fictional town of Iron Hollows. I’ll be writing as the Muse moves, there is no time frame on posting and will depend on reader response.

“the legend of the time before”
“along the non-existent waterfront”
“gunpowder explodes, fireworks delight”
“clouds play peek-a-boo with moon”
“homemade gravy for the grits”
“unsuccessful sultry spring seduction”
“where there is snow there are complaints”
“thankfully the tavern had stocked up”

writing throws off sparks

in prose must delve deep
if my mind had an odor
it would be pungent
on wings of thoughts words fly
out in stinking sentences

The Daily Post prompt

ORIGIN late 16th cent. (in the sense ‘very painful or distressing’): from Latin pungent- ‘pricking,’ from the verb pungere.

Authors note: I am heavily invested in writing fiction at the moment and poetry has been scarce.

plenty of leftovers

open clearing
beckons flat light
late afternoon dark spruces
crowd close fall rut over grasses
frozen beneath gray blanket snowdrifts
impede hooves gusty treetops shed white caps
sunbeam kaleidoscope intense cyclone of flakes
shaggy antlers shake velvet ribbons beneath deep
green cathedrals slender shadows creep hungry pack
gathers red splashes add festive color bold ravens wear
black choir robes musical score accompanies triumphant howls
come spring profuse bright wildflowers carpet rich green growth
rib cage

For d’Verse the prompt is light-dark in the chiaroscuro style of Caravaggio.