fishing for meaning

“T is for Translate

in the context
of culture
language often
falls short
unfamiliar script
reveals nothing
of importance
the nouns lead
to mistaken
belief that
verbs are

The Daily Post prompt


doesn’t quite have the same feel

“M is for Money”

how many times have I told you
I’m not made of credit cards
checks don’t grow on trees
I work hard for this mutual fund
bonds can’t buy happiness
online banking isn’t everything
love of Paypal is root of all evil
a fool and his 401K are soon parted

often asked, rarely worthy

“T is for Trust

i trust that my dawg
will hump all my guests legs
2am clean up
cause he’s cute when he begs
i trust in my reflexes
will make it home alive
even after six beers
really shouldn’t drive
i trust in my dealer
won’t turn into a narc
score all my oxy
down at the park
i trust the sun
to rise every day
come Friday afternoon
will get meager pay
i trust that my team
will never cover the spread
good thing my bookie
is dear uncle Fred
i trust to my heart
vows we both swore
working late hours
slip out the back door
i trust in my judgment
to make the right choice
when it comes time to vote
will always have a voice

the wake will follow after

“P is for Perennial”

Neat rows of stone
Linger under the
Golden trees
Fading green grass
Littered with umber
Neat rows of black
Gather under the
Canvas tent
Drying somber faces
Reaching with strong
That’s right, she did.
She loved lilies cause
they was perennials.