wiggle while you cook

Prompt at d’Verse to razzle dazzle and sparkle.

The headline says, “The Butler Serves and The Housewife Too”.

This is a magazine ad from Pictorial Review for December 1918.

This is a magazine ad from Pictorial Review for December 1918.

The first paragraph states: The charm of the Jell-O dessert is felt in every home- and it costs only a few cents. Isn’t it evident enough from the butler’s face that he is proud of the dish he serves, though he didn’t make it? And is there a young housekeeper who hasn’t experienced the pleasure of making one just as good and serving it with her own hands?

“Fun with gelatin: advert jingles”

yes it wiggles
also jiggles
comes in many flavors
to savor
when your man is back from town

children nicely dressed
clothing always pressed
clean the plate
can hardly wait
to set the Jell-O down

fresh flowers on the table
butler hangs your sable
after steak
dessert will shake
never cause a frown


50 thoughts on “wiggle while you cook

  1. oh chuckling I am!!! Love the old magazine cover — the words from it. And in 1918, December no less — red jello carried by the butler, just in time for the holidays! Love your jingle here too. I received a Jello Cookbook at my wedding shower! Really! And I actually made a Christmas cake from it: as in made a box angel food cake mix, and when cooled, poked long holes into it with a thin straw I think, or maybe a long meat fork utensil? And then poured red and green liquid jello down the holes; and then refrigerated the cake! Of course, it was also then covered with Cool Whip and red and green sugar sprinkles! All this — from the lovely Jello Cookbook! πŸ™‚ Not my real culinary days 😦


  2. I never grew up with Jell-o and when you are exposed to it later this old ad becomes even more hilarious… but yes to be able to dazzle your guests is really something that shifts over time. I guess that today it would be a really well baked sourdough bread.


  3. Were butlers as common as Jell-O back in the day? It is highly amusing to think of a butler ( and they are always English right?) serving Jell-O for me. We had lots of Jelly and Ice cream here when I was a kid…sadly no butler.


  4. My first cooking experience as a teenager in high school home economics class was to make jello. I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face when I told her. Fortunately I have evolved. This jingle made me giggle.


  5. SMILes.. Jello..
    A Food of ARt..
    colors.. shape
    shifter.. mysterious
    and tasty.. and best
    oF all
    well without
    rigid containers..
    Free Jello.. one of
    my Favorites.. and like
    Ramen noodles when
    bOught for money.. it’s cheap..
    but meH.. i always do mine for FReED..;)


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