thirst and hunger
may be twins in need
but what quenches one
does not assuage the other
too many forget a simple truth

Authors note: If you been a steady reader since this past July and have read my Explanation of Benefits in my right sidebar, then you know that I started this blog after being absent since 2012. Between 2006 and 2012 I wrote almost 1,000 poems and my original intent was to repost most of them here. I am still doing that, but I am also writing new poems daily. I post a new poem for the Daily Post – seven times a week – , one poem for Three Word Wednesday, one poem for Haiku Horizon and two and a half poems for d’Verse on a weekly basis. The only older poem I post for prompts is Open Link Night at d’Verse. That means over the next year I will write 600 new poems along with reposting an additional 700-800 older works while posting 4 times a day. I did not expect to be so prolific again but I find that my Muse demands I write: not only here. I want to thank each and every one of you who likes and/or comments on my work. Due to my being a full-time caretaker of my wife [she’s having out-patient surgery today 10/5] I may not always or seldom get a chance to visit your blogs, but I answer every comment on my blog and pay a return visit with comment. Thank you again for supporting my continuing poetic journey.


7 thoughts on “thirst

  1. Brian, I really enjoyed the comparison you used here and how one doesn’t always assuage the other.

    I hope the surgery went well.


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